Adoración Ambulante (1994)

A Mexican Folk Celebration

Duration:  Full Evening
Tenor; Bass; Chorus; Children's Chorus
Mariachi band, church bells, percussion ensemble and conch shells
(plus optional dancers, puppets, slides, candles, fireworks and audience participation

Commissioned by Brooks Jones
 Premiere Performance:  October 29, 1994
Orquesta Juvenil de Tepoztlán; Ismael Campos, Conductor

Adoración Ambulante was created for a multimedia performance combining diverse ensembles in locations throughout the Cathedral Square in the Mexican village of Tepoztlán, near Cuernavaca.  Church bells sound a call to worship. A Fanfare of conch shells in the four corners of the courtyard is answered by trumpets in the church tower. The central portion of the work is Con Flor y Canto, a twenty-minute narrative cantata with Spanish texts from ancient Aztec and Mayan chronicles and the Bible. The cantata is framed by a choral introit and benediction in both Latin and Nauhuatl, plus dances and processionals led by Mariachis.


Materials for Con Flor y Canto
Fanfare from Adoración Ambulante
are available for performance separately.